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majority, that senate would presumably pick joe biden, right? if the senate is tied at 50/50, it's national bologna day. it really is, and with 13 days to go, mitt romney says yes, he does want you to vote for a republican senator who thinks
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rape is something that god intended to happen. >> are you fired up? are you ready to go? >> the campaign enters the final stretch. >> 13 days of the race for the white house. >> if the schedules, events and remarks are any indication. >> you'll know where the race will be won. >> we'll win iowa again. >> we're going to win colorado. >> the president will hit four states just today. >> racking up the miles on air force one. >> 5300 miles. >> we know the thing is really close. >> how close is it? >> it's all about math versus momentum. >> our campaign is gaining. >> do they know something that we don't? >> this is a bluff. >> mitt romney still has an electoral math problem. >> our campaign is gaining. >> fake it until you make it. >> mitt romney talks out of all sides of his mouth. >> this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> life is a gift from god, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that god intended to happen.
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>> what in the world, what is going on? >> we're on drugs. we're on drugs. >> i know. >> it's not just mourdock, it's also akin. >> there are 1.3 million rapes a year. >> the female body has ways to shut the whole thing down. >> something that god intended to happen. >> the god running for vice president right now is a part of it. >> if you want to know my position on issues, ask me and i'll tell you. >> do i believe supreme courts should overturn roe versus wade? yes. >> this is the forced birth movement. >> with just 13 days until the election today, president obama embarked on a campaign trip through battleground states with the most intense 48 hour travel
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schedule of his re-election campaign. >> no sleep. we're starting here in iowa, we're going to colorado, then to nevada, then to florida, virginia, ohio. i am going to stop in chicago to vote. >> and president obama still had time to sit down with brian williams in colorado. >> the one thing i've tried to always be is just steady, in terms of what i believe in, who i'm fighting for and i think that one of the qualities i bring to bear in this campaign is people see what did i say i was going to do in 2008 and what have i delivered, and they can have some confidence that the things i say, i mean. >> here is what president obama told colorado voters today.
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>> the reason i want four more years is because i've got a plan that will actually create jobs. a plan that will actually create middle class security. and unlike mitt romney, i'm actually proud to talk about what's in my plan. because it actually adds up. and if you get me that vote, colorado, you'll have a president who hears your voice. a president who fights for your families. a president who spends every waking hour trying to make your lives a little bit better. >> today is national bologna day. by now some of you have googled it. it really is. which could explain why mitt romney said this. >> our campaign is growing into a movement across this country that says we're going to get america back, we're going to get america strong, we're going to
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provide for our families. and i'm optimistic. not just about winning. we are going to win by the way. >> and today mitt romney was confronted with the question does he support the indiana republican senate candidate richard mourdock who said this last night. >> i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> this morning mitt romney decided to follow his campaign staff's advice and once again side with the insanity of the republican right wing and continue supporting the republican senate candidate who thinks rape is something that god intended to happen. a new "time" magazine poll of ohio likely voters shows president obama leading romney by 5 points. there is no better and a list of
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electoral college maps than charlie cook who says if obama carries ohio and wisconsin where he is ahead in most polling, he gets the 270 with one electoral vote to spare. so romney could sweep colorado, florida, iowa and new hampshire and still come up short. today, nate silver forecasts that on november 6th, president obama has a 68% chance of winning re-election and president obama will win 288 electoral college votes and mitt romney will win 250. richard wolf, i know you were watching the president there. >> i wish i could have been there. >> you were there last time. four years ago that was you who wasn't sleeping. >> it brings back such fun memories. >> what is it like out there when they're on this final 13 days. there's nothing quite like it, is there? >> no, there's also nothing like
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the consumption of empty calories that you need to sustain you through those moments. the crowds are huge at this point i think the press and the candidates are well are not even listening to the words. there's a lot of noise and not much actual news. which is why i'm a little bit confused about the polls you just raise. i've been reading that momentum being with mitt romney. it turns out the president is still you have. that's the kind of dissonance you have in the campaign trail. you have the spin we're going to win, i was with carl rove in 2000, and you end up believing stuff. >> i remember that rove california fake-out. let's look at this new ad they're using. >> the stuff some folks are saying about president obama sounds kind of familiar.
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the same people said my ideas would destroy jobs and they called me every name in the book. well, we created 22 million new jobs and turned deficits into surpluses. president obama has got it right. we should invest in middle class education. and pay down our debt and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. sound familiar? >> it's so true that in 1993, when president clinton was passing his first budget, that everybody republican speech says this will kill jobs and the economy. >> exactly. and i think it fits with the closing argument here which is barack obama is steady. the people you trust in the economy like bill clinton are steady and the plan is steady. in many ways it's the same plan that democrats have used and has worked before. one of the funniest thing from romney land, he was holding it up in people's camp there's nothing new in here, because in romney world, 14 days out of an
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election, you should be bringing up brand new ideas or proposals because that's what they do. they don't that the president has outlined a recovery plan and health care that is to be continued and enacted in his second term. the other point i'll say about mourdock. it's funny they're trying to draw this line and the romney campaign is saying we support abortion in the exceptions of incest and rape. that's not really true. i think he supports it in incest, rape and massachusetts elections. it's a serious issue but he looks like a joke where he has held five different positions. >> let's listen to joe biden in ohio today talking about another president who raised taxes. >> ronald reagan did not do this. i served with ronald reagan.
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ronald reagan had a massive tax cut and it did not work he ended up raising taxes 11 times. ronald reagan did not do this. ronald reagan couldn't even be the standard bearer this time based on what he did. >> it is so true that ronald reagan could not possibly win the nomination this year among republicans since he actually raised taxes as governor and president. >> and would be hard even with his reputation now as the ultimate cold warrior. he could never have gone out there saying, as mitt romney did, well they kept the drones and we should go in there and bomb the place or invade. that was mitt romney's position in the primaries. ronald reagan never took those positions. well, there was grenada. there was such a wide gap over these many decades between the ronald reagan who actually was president and the ronald reagan that they think they're following.
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>> the bombing of the marine bar racks during reagan and he just retreated. ari, 13 days is going to go so fast. where do you think the president needs to be going in message terms, given all the issues that we see in front of us, from this latest outburst from the indiana senator, should that steer him towards women's issues? >> i think it's women's issues but i think it's mobilizing people, but also about jobs and justice. also about the idea that if you take a step back and look at all this stuff, whether it's the medical rights, it's personal rights, it's your right to unemployment insurance, a social safety net, medicare, social security, all these things if you take a step back, are whether there's somebody looking out for you when things are tough or not. and time and time again if you have a 1% opponent, you've got
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someone who's going to turn their back on you and i think that stitches together the justice and the jobs. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. coming up, what it means to stand by your nut when you're the republican candidate for president. joy reid and karen finney will join me. and cecile richards and martha plimpton. and later, coverage of last night's presidential debate. yes, there was a presidential debate last night and you probably missed it because we didn't cover it. it was the third-party debate and some of the things that you really care about that were never mentioned in the two-party presidential debate were finally discussed. that's in tonight's rewrite. growing out your hair can mean split ends, which i don't like. so pantene dared me. skip a trim. pantene beautiful lengths. the pro-v keratin protection system,
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i have a serious question for you. it's not going to sound serious, but well, okay. it's a question. what does mitt romney have in common with paris hilton, in
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where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. >> anyone who views, who goes to the videotape and views that, understands fully what i meant. i really believe that, if they watch that video out there, i understand it's on several websites. i think the meaning will be
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quite clear. >> that was richard mourdock telling us to watch the video of last night's debate. we showed you that video last night minutes after the debate was over. but sure, we can watch it again. >> i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for, to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i struggled with it myself for a long time, but i came to realize life is a gift from god. and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> the romney campaign's first reaction was to distance governor romney from the latest crazy republican outburst. last night his campaign said governor romney disagrees with richard mourdock's comments and they do not reflect his views. then today, his campaign added this. we disagree on the policy regarding exceptions for rape
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and incest, but still support him. and still supporting richard mourdock means that this ad is still running in indiana. >> this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. as state treasurer, richard worked with governor daniels to balance the budget and make more. as. richard will help stop the liberal agenda. with so much at stake, i hope you'll join me in supporting richard mourdock for senate. he this is a reminder that a republican congress working with a republican plaintiff that woman should not be able to make choices about their own health care. >> the president taped jay lien o's show late this afternoon, he commented on this.
1:19 am
and the president said something that republicans seem to struggle with. he said to jay leno, rape is rape. what's complicated about that? >> it's pretty incredible to watch it back again and to watch richard mourdock to say it again. he wasn't posturing like mitt romney does whenever he says something political. and i think if mitt romney believed that richard mourdock's believes were not common to the base of his own party, he could walk away from him. because he is a calculating man. he will do anything whatever it takes to achieve his goal, which is to win the white house. he has clearly made the calculation that richard mourdock's believes are not unique, are not outliers, and he still needs those folks in indiana to win the state. he doesn't want to be taken down by richard mourdock, but he also wants richard mourdock to help
1:20 am
carry him to win in indiana. what's terrifying is you have so many in the republican party who say this. when a rapist gives you lemons, make lemonade. that is so insulting to women who have suffered the worst degradation, the almost dehumanizing murder, soul killing experience of their lives and then to say to that woman, the state, the 51st vote in the senate, richard mourdock, is going to order you to have that rapist's child 6789 it's so degrading it's hard to put it into words. it's infuriating to women. and at the same time mitt romney is trying to cover all that up and sell himself specifically to women. that's all he's campaigning for right now, rim. >> karen finney, let's stay with this political calculus that joy has raised. it sound to me that it's a sign of weakness on romney's part that he has to -- they had overnight to think about this.
1:21 am
they spent some tommy and they decided that the romney campaign, we have to stick with our crazy buddy richard mourdock in indiana, obviously because they need turnout of the hard-core right wing republican base. they don't believe mitt romney is persuading people in the middle is that what that indicates? >> absolutely. but this is the political calculation that i think we need to make. he's trying to say i can't afford to lose indiana. you know what, mitt romney? you're going to lose women over this. we've got to raise the steaks for mitt romney on this. this man is so afraid of his party he won't distance himself from this man. he won't ask to have these ads taken down and this is the guy you want sitting across the table from ahmadinejad? earlier this week he was talking so tough. no, that's not the guy i want to entrust with my future. that's literally the kind of
1:22 am
question we have to put to voters. he's making that political calculation and within that calculation is a cowardess. that is a mealy mouth answer and that is not leadership and that is not somebody who is going to stand up and fight for our rights at a time when we need it. i mean, that's something i think we have to make very, very clear in the political calculation here for women voters not just in indiana, but across the country. >> let's take a look at the ad that they put out today. >> this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> this is a man who i want to see in washington to make sure that we cannot just talk about
1:23 am
changing things, but actually have the votes to get things changed. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> we've got to get this guy elected in the u.s. senate. >> it is something that god intended to happen. >> there's so much at stake, i hope you'll joan me in supporting richard mourdock for u.s. senate. >> it's a very fair ad when you consider that the romney and the romney campaign took their time and decided, yes, we're sticking with richard. >> yes. and he cut that ad for richard mourdock the same day of the debate. the same day that richard mourdock made the statement about rape. i mean, i think, the thing we have to remember is that mitt romney pulled off this incredible magic trip was to separate himself from the republican brand. to separate himself from really what alarmed young women in particular in this country about republicans, which is wait a
1:24 am
minute. they actually believe that there is something, a difference between so-called forceable rape and regular rape. he distanced himself from the todd akin wing of the party at one point and was allowed to go forward. there's someone closer to mitt romney who believes exactly the way that richard mourdock does. it's his running mate. paul ryan. the other elephant in the room. >> karen your quick take on what this does to the indiana senate race? >> unfortunately the indiana senate race, i think it probably doesn't change the outcome, which is again why i think we have to make sure that beyond indiana, that the steaks are high. the republican message to women has been if you're legitimately raped or forcibly raped you have a whole way to shut that whole thing done. if you're not legitimately raped, we're going to make you have a vaginal probe. don't worry about that, because there's no way, you know, women never die in childbirth. this is what republican men are
1:25 am
saying to women. >> thanks for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, in a last word exclusive, cecile richards and martha plimpton will join me next. and why democrats are reminding voters of what happened in florida in 2000. and why voting for a third party candidate is a lot easier choice to make if you don't live in florida.
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when speculation erupted last month that mitt romney uses an artificial tanning process, they simply said not true. but now an unnamed source tells buzz feed that mitt romney does enjoy the occasional spray tan and that mitt romney pays for it out of his own pocket so it won't show up in campaign records. and he gets sprayed in the privacy of his hotel room, so you won't catch him walking out of your neighborhood tanning salon. so it turns out mitt romney has more than just being born rich in common with paris hilton. coming up in the rewrite tonight, everything you need to
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know about the presidential debate that you did not watch this week. there was another presidential debate last night in chicago that we did not cover, because president obama and mitt romney did not participate. and women against romney, cecile rogers and martha plimpton join me next. so you say men are superior drivers?
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yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? >> and if, because of the lack of clarity in my words, that they came away with an impression other than those that i stated a moment ago, that life is precious and that i abhor violence and i'm confident god abhors violence and rape. if they came away with an impression other than that, i truly regret it. i apologize. >> plan parenthood released a statement today saying mitt romney and richard mourdock share an allegiance to the republican party platform which would ban safe and legal abortion without any exceptions
1:34 am
give full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs and repeal the birth control benefit. richard mourdock is the only senate candidate in the country with a tv ad starring mitt romney. it's not enough for the romney campaign to issue a statement disagreeing with richard mourdock's appalling remarks. joining me now for an exclusive interview are planned parenthood's president cecile richards and martha plimpton. with mitt romney in the ads for mourdock just emerging this week, do you expect him, after having made this decision, after having thought about it overnight, for him to stay in those ads with mourdock? >> it's incredible to see this happening. but really, richard mourdock i think, seeing what he said in this debate, shows that todd akin is not an anomaly or an outlier, but in fact this is
1:35 am
really the main stream now of the republican party running this election. and the fact that mitt romney can't do anything, or is unwilling to do anything to distance himself or reject this candidacy speaks volumes. women can't trust him. i think richard mourdock is just more part and parcel of essentially what mitt romney is pledging to do to women in america. >> martha plimpton john mccain tonight said mourdock needs to apologize. >> well, apologies are nice and i'm sure you know a lot of people would appreciate that. but ultimately what matters is what he would do if he got into office. we've already seen an enormous pattern, a really disturbing pattern of total disregard for
1:36 am
american women's individual right to physical autonomy. and that has presented itself in one piece of legislation after another all over the country. limiting women's access not only to abortion but to basic health care. so while apologies are appreciated, the fact is rape is a crime. 44% of rape victims are under 18 years of age. and while he may think that there's a sunny side to rape, pretty much every rape victim will tell you that there is not. and for him to suggest that god's intention has anything to do with rape or its consequences is not only offensive, it's actually quite dangerous. >> and that would be guiding his voting in the united states senate. and cecile, what we see in the
1:37 am
romney ad for mourdock, they're talking about exactly that. romney is saying i need him in the senate to cast that majority vote for my agenda on all these things. we have senate candidates now around the country who are running away from mourdock, republican candidates, scott brown, tommy thompson, mike pens. and specifically in the massachusetts race, i want to show a clip of what scott brown said about control of the senate. >> how important is this race to republicans recapturing control of the senate? >> for me it really doesn't matter who's in charge. >> cecile richards, does it matter who's in charge of the senate? >> well of course it matters. and of course they're running away from this because it's really showing what the danger is of having a republican-led
1:38 am
senate. and the danger of mitt romney is he would be a rubber stamp for all the crazy legislation that we have seen passed by the house, by this tea party led congress. and if they can control the senate and control the white house, we're going to lose gains we've made over the last 40 years. it's been interesting though, lawrence, i think that the whole romney theory has been to just tell women that these are small issues. paul ryan literally used the words these don't matter and i think what you're seeing is they do matter. i just left new hampshire where republican women are outraged this is where the republican party is headed. >> martha plimpton, elizabeth warren has been making a great deal about her control for the senate and the truth is a vote for scott brown in massachusetts is in effect a vote for empowering a senator like mourdock, making him more powerful by putting him into the majority if people. this seems to be the kind of thing that elizabeth warren needs to make her point about control of the senate, isn't it?
1:39 am
>> well, i suppose it is. but i mean, it's the point we all need to make on a larger level. i mean, of course it's always more than just one race or just one candidate. this has to do with an overarching steady stream of limits and reductions of women's rights in this country. i mean, look at, you know. if you don't have an actual reasonable or sane argument, you know, on an economic level or on a social policy level against women's right to physical autonomy, you're going to resort to extreme bombastic and very often religious-based ideas to get your point across. and the thing we have to remember in this country is that while mr. mourdock or scott brown or todd akin or any of
1:40 am
these other people are perfectly within their rights to have a conversation with their god about what they think about these issues, what they do not have the right to do is impose the conclusion of that conversation that they've had on to other free americans. >> cecile richards and martha plimpton, thank you both for joining me once again. >> thanks for having me. coming up, why democrats want you to remember the 2000 election and the florida recount. and in the rewrite, the debate you've heard nothing about. [ owner ] i need to expand
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in the rewrite tonight, we're on drugs. >> i'm not funding public broadcasting. >> we're on drug. we're on drugs. >> i know. >> that was last night's presidential debate where the moderator larry king had to remind the candidates that we're on drugs. what he meant of course was that the candidates were supposed to be discussing was drug policy. there was a presidential debate last night that was not covered
1:45 am
by the major networks because it did not include any candidates who are running above 15% in the polls. but it did include candidates who dared to talk about important issues that never came up in the presidential debates watched by 60 million people. the free and equal elections foundation sponsored a debate in chicago last night with four presidential candidates. gary johnson, jill stein, rocky anderson and virgil good of the constitutional party. they discussed the war that the democratic and republican candidate refused to discuss, the america's longest war. the war on drugs. >> 90% of the drug problem is prohibition related, not use related. so let's legalize marijuana now. i am not a hypocrite on this issue. i have drank alcohol, i've smoked marijuana. >> the most important thing we
1:46 am
can do to get rid of the health problems associated with marijuana is to legalize it. >> we don't just need to legalize marijuana, we need to end drug prohibition just like we ended alcohol prohibition. >> i would cut federal spending on the war on drugs. however, drug use is primarily a state issue, not a federal issue. i'm not for legalizing marijuana use or other drug use. >> and imagine if congress passed a bill that the president signed that allowed indefinite detention without charge or trial. that would be issue one at any presidential debate, wouldn't it? the media's favorite debate moderator martha would have forced a discussion on that one, wouldn't she? well congress passed a law last year and president obama signed it and he never mentioned at any of his debates and he was never
1:47 am
asked about it by candy crowley and not by mitt romney. it never came up. at the two-party presidential debates. no one pressed the president on how he could possibly sign a bill like that into law, and no one pressed mitt romney about why repealing that law is not on his day one list. if that law worries you. if it concerns you in any way, your concern, your interest in that law is not represented by either of the two major parties. but at least night's debate, that law was called the very definition of tyranny. >> i would have vetoed the national defense authorization act allowing for you and i as
1:48 am
u.s. citizens to be arrested and detained without being charged. >> this is unallowable and is a basic offense against the very foundation of american liberty around it should be repealed. >> if i were president, i would have vetoed ndaa. >> in the instantly immortal words of larry king, we're on drugs. the media is feeding you a drug called the two party system. big media does not have the resources or the interest or the intellectual capacity to cover something more complicated than the two-party system. the two-party system and the electoral college have conspired to make most voters feel irrelevant to the outcome of the presidential election. the major party candidates ignore most states and they ignore most voters most of the time.
1:49 am
and then we act surprised that voters turnout is so low. they never really campaign in more than ten states, and now they're campaigning in even fewer than that. like most americans, i have never lived in, and voted in, a state that mattered in a presidential campaign. i first voted in massachusetts, then in new york, now i vote in the biggest state in the union, california. the state with the most electoral votes and the most voters, and the one that is always, always completely ignored by the presidential campaigns. because it is not a battleground state. the outcome in california is never in doubt. if, like most americans, you live in one of the states where
1:50 am
the outcome is predetermined, you should feel absolutely free to take a good, long look at third-party candidates and pick one whose ideas you want to encourage. your vote for the libertarian or the green party will not affect the outcome in a state where the president or mitt romney has a big lead. but your vote will say something important about what you believe. the bad news about living in a state like california is that you're completely ignored in the presidential campaigns. the good news is you can consider voting for a third party candidate without any worry that your vote might tip the balance the wrong way in the electoral college. if you want to see the entire third-party debate, you can find it on our blog. you will be told you're wasting your vote if you vote for a
1:51 am
third party candidate because they're not going to win the presidency. well, i guess that means everyone who voted for john mccain for president or john kerry for president wasted their votes, too. having spent my lifetime in states irrelevant to the electoral college, i have mostly in fact voted for third-party candidates for president. and i was always told i was wasting my vote. when i voted for democrats for president who lost, i was never told i was wasting my vote. i have actually voted for the winner of the presidency exactly once. so please, don't try to tell me that voting for a candidate who loses is wasting a vote in a democracy. if you live in a battleground state, voting for a third-party candidate can be a lot dicier. just ask the people who voted for ralph nader in florida.
1:52 am
if you're lucky enough to live in a state that the presidential candidates care about, then your vote really does count in the way that most people want it to. then you really should think about who you want to see take the oath of office when you cast your vote. because your vote matters much, much more than mine. ♪
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the u.s. supreme court has spoken. let there be know doubt that while i strongly disagree with the court's decision, i accept it. i accept the finality of this outcome which will be ratified next monday in the electoral college.
1:56 am
that man won the most votes but in the electoral college where not all votes were equal, the outcome was decided in a recount that went to the u.s. supreme court and when the dust cleared. the so-called winner of the state of florida had a 537 vote margin, out of 6 million votes cast. and the obama campaign wants you to never forget that. >> 537. the number of votes that changed the course of american history. >> florida is too close to call. the difference between what was and what could have been. so this year, if you're thinking that your vote doesn't count, that it won't matter, well, back then there were probably at least 537 people who felt the same way. make your voice heard. vote. >> i'm barack obama and i approved this message. >> most of you should not look
1:57 am
for that ad. the ad stressing the importance of voting will of course appear in only the eight states that could actually affect the outcome of the election of the ohio, colorado, nevada, new hampshire, virginia, wisconsin and of course florida. joining me now is sam stein. sam, the obama campaign is fearing any kind of no-show voter or third-party voter in any of these battleground states. it really is the get out of vote time for them, isn't it? >> yeah. they're worried about complacency. there is this whole notion of enthusiasm gap or not. now they're basically playing every card in the book and they're saying there's a fear card and this is about as close as they've gotten to invoking george w. bush in this election.
1:58 am
but it's an effective tool for a lot of people -- there are actually people, i've talked to voters in some swing states for lethargic about the idea of voting they don't think it makes a difference in their lives. it remind them there are huge convinces. >> they are the most powerful voters on earth. what i would do to live in a swing state. >> you would be bombarded with ads. >> i would pay that price. i was in florida this weekend but i would pay that price to have my vote matter that much. sam, there's early voting indicators that are very strong for the president. a new poll shows that among those who have already voted in ohio, 60% have cast their votes for the president, 30% for paul ryan and cnn says that the turnout machine for republicans for romney in ohio apparently looks pathetic. that's according to his republican sources on the ground
1:59 am
and the obama turnout machine in ohio looks like it's running in fantastic shape. >> i was in ohio and i went to ten field offices in one day. five for obama and five for romney and they were both very energetic. the problem i think that republicans have is twofold. one, obama has tons more offices than he does. and that's the second problem is that obama has done this before. and it's not just about the amount of offices you have or the amount of phone calls you make or the amount of doors you knock on. it's about figuring out how you can get voters out there. not just your base, but what they call sporadic voters. people who aren't politically engaged and you do that in fairly nuanced ways. you know people in churches and community groups and they can vouch for the obama chain rather than having a volunteer come into the state from washington, d.c. and knock on the door. the romney campaign to their

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